TCU Transcript Request

Fill out this form and click Continue to request a TCU transcript via the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site.

Transcript Ordering is at the bottom of the Clearinghouse Student Self-Service page - Be sure to scroll to the bottom of their page.

Transcripts are $10.25 each, please have credit/debit card ready. TCU and Brite transcripts are ordered separately.
Note: You may use your SSN as Student ID.

For the fastest delivery, request the transcript in electronic pdf form as the method of delivery.
An electronic pdf version of transcripts are available via an email address, providing that there are no holds on the student account. For students that attended after 1984, the electronic pdf is typically sent within 15 minutes. For students that attended prior to 1984, it can take up to one business day for processing (depending on what time the transcript is ordered). Mailed transcripts are also available.
Questions? 817.257.7237

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